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Let's normalize intentional monthly facials.

Developing an on-going relationship with an Esthetician who knows your skin is essential for you to achieve your skin’s goals. We want to make it convenient and cost-effective for you to achieve and maintain a grounded mind and glowing melanin. That’s why we created two affordable membership programs for you to choose from.

Acne Membership

The only accessible, affordable and approachable Acne Program for multicultural skin. Unfortunately, acne isn’t a simple skin type that’ll just “go away on it’s own.” Treating acne and hyperpigmentation, especially in multicultural skin, requires TIME, CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT, from us and you. The Acne Membership program will allow us to really educate you on your healing journey including proper at-home routines so that your service lasts beyond our studio.

Melanin Membership

This is a great investment if you’ve completed the Acne Membership Program or if you’re simply looking to maintain healthy glowing, bare skin.

You’ll save on (1) monthly consultation and Bare Bespoke treatment and 15% off additional treatments. That’s not all! You’ll also save 10% off skincare products.


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