We offer a variety of healing services for the face, mind and body. While we welcome all, our targeted wellness treatments focus on acne and hyperpigmentation for those who are committed to going bare.

In addition, our Bare Boosts corrective treatments, LED light therapy and aromatherapy take your wellbeing to the next level. You’ll leave each visit with brighter, healthier skin and a more grounded mind.

Not local? No worries. Book your Virtual Consultation and have your skin’s concerns delivered to you from the comfort of your own home. 




Are you a NEW first time skin client? If so, please select this option. First time clients will receive an in-depth personalized skin consultation to address your skin’s current needs. This consultation also includes a lifestyle and food in-take evaluation. A customized facial will be performed just for you followed by proper cleansing techniques/tips, daily/weekly skin regimens as well as at-home product suggestions so that you can maintain your healthy glowing skin results after your appointment. Leave this service feeling more confident than when you walked in!


Our Bare Bespoke treatment is designed with your skin in mind and crafted to meet your skin’s specific needs at the time of your service. Whether for a gentle pick-me-up or a deep pore cleanse, your skin will safely get what it needs. 

Suggested for monthly maintenance, mild acne (occasional minor breakouts, very few whiteheads and/or very few blackheads), mild hyperpigmentation (very few dark spots) and/or uneven skin texture.


This deep cleansing treatment consists of acne fighting products with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm overactive skin, remove impurities and kill bacteria leaving your skin balanced.

Suggested for oily/congested skin and/or acne-prone skin (breakouts more easily and more often). Acne-prone skin requires consistent customized treatments over a number of months to manage it effectively. 

Suggested boost: Blue LED Therapy to maximize treatment.


The Reflection Facial also known as our Gemstone facial works on all levels of your being. It includes a guided meditation and high vibration crystals to balance your body’s energies. Crystals can physically aid in clearing your skin, as well as harnessing the powers of energy and vibration to bring an overall feeling of calm, stillness and balance to your being. 

Perfect for melanin & mind that requires deep relaxation and calming.




This gentle, chemical-free, pain-free treatment carefully resurfaces the skin. A medical-grade scalpel is used to gently “scrape” the top layer of dead skin cells, debris and peach fuzz from your face. Results are brighter, even appearing skin tone and smoother texture. 

Suggested for those with peach fuzz and/or mild acne scarring. *Not suggested for guests with active acne.

Suggested boost: LED Light Therapy to enhance service. 


If you’re looking for an overall brightening and resurfacing treatment for minimizing your dark spots, we suggest this two punch combo. Results are smoother and brighter skin that’ll allow you to absorb your skincare products better. 

Suggested for those with peach fuzz, PIH aka post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dark spots and/or uneven skin tone. 

Suggested boost: LED Light Therapy to maximize service. 


This skin resurfacing treatment can be used to blend the tone and texture of the surface of your scars with your surrounding “normal” skin. Microneedling tools are comprised of small needles that gently puncture the skin and create small wounds. These wounds are nearly unnoticeable, but your skin recognizes that it needs to heal itself so it produces more collagen. This increase in collagen production helps smooth out scars as well as fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great middle ground between topical treatments and aggressive laser treatments that are commonly used for scarring. 

Suggested for those with large pores, ice pick scarring, pitted acne scarring, older skin that has thinned with age and/or uneven complexion.

Suggested boost: LED Light Therapy to enhance service. 


Whether you’ve never had a chemical peel or it’s been a while, this is the perfect peel to jumpstart your journey. This customized peel treatment is the mildest peel form, yet effective. Especially great for Peel Phobics (people who are “afraid” of peels). Mandatory Post Treatment Kit is included. 

*REQUIRED* prior to receiving any other resurfacing peels.



LED Light Therapy

A very relaxing and powerful 30 minute treatment. We’ll select the correct light for your skin to aid in clearing acne, calm inflammation and/or slow down the appearance of lines/wrinkles.

Suggested for mild to moderate acne, acne-prone and/or oily/congested skin. Inflamed, aging skin. Best results are seen using 2-3 times per month.


Need expert advice? Have your skin concerns answered from the comfort of your cell or laptop wherever you are. With over years of experience in the skincare industry, a dual state licensed Aesthetician & Acne Specialist will assess your skin during this 30 minute results-driven video consultation.