It’s Women’s History Month: Get To Know The Woman Behind The Brand

Allow me to introduce (and reintroduce) myself. My name is Melissa Monsanto. I’m the Founder and Operating Esthetician bringing more than six years of multicultural skin care experience to BARE SKINTENTIONS, an Atlanta wellness studio destigmatizing acne, celebrating real skin and mental wellness.

I originally opened my first Atlanta practice, HoneyBee Skin Bar in 2016. As one of the first Afro-Latina owned skincare studios specializing in Multicultural Skin (before it became trendy), I knew I’d found my purpose. Specializing in acne for over five years, I began to see the profound impact it had on my client’s confidence and self-esteem. I began incorporating some of my holistic techniques into the treatment room to help clients cope. My intention was to create an environment that safely treats acne through targeted skin treatments while simultaneously raising your vibration.

In February 2020, the rebirth happened and BARE SKINTENTIONS was curated. While the pandemic caused my rebrand to take a “back seat’, the goal remains. I dug deeper into my calling and temporary relocated only to come back with an even more clear understanding of how I can contribute to the wellness of my community. 

To many, I’m known for my acne facials and other innovative healing techniques. My years of Medical Assisting experience, holistic offering approach, client referrals, consistent results and dual state esthetician licenses have secured my reputation in Atlanta as the go-to professional for managing acne and brightening skin .

Thank you for hopefully allowing me to be your trusted, culturally competent Esthetician that knows your skin and can help you navigate your confidence. I’m full of gratitude! Thank you for being riding with me on this journey. I am a woman making history.

Love & Light,