Founder and Operating Skin Therapist at Bare Skintentions

Melissa is the Founder and operating Skin Therapist at Bare Skintentions, formally known as HoneyBee Skin Bar. A nurturer by nature, some of her clients call her the “Acne Aficionado”. An ode to her Puerto Rican roots. Licensed in California and Georgia as an Esthetician, with over six years of experience in treating acne in multicultural skin, she couldn’t help but notice how many clients were showing up to their appointments stressed and/or displaying common signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression due to acne. Having suffered from adult acne and depression herself, she began gently incorporating a few of her personal wellness practices into her treatments.

“On 2/2/2020, I planted a seed with intention and Bare Skintentions was born. I am Atlanta’s trusted and culturally competent Skin Therapist that knows the intricacies of multicultural skin and can help clients navigate being confident without additives.”

Melissa shares breath work, meditation and skin care habits with others to live a more balanced life. When you’re ready to discover how your positive mind is one of the “magic” ingredients in your healthy skin solution, click here.